The ABR photographer of record (Ken LaValley) stopped by and took a photo of our yearling, April Bear, out in her Wild Enclosure.  She is progressing very well and the fur on her face is coming back.  Doesn’t she look healthy?


April Bear, a portrait by Ken LaValley.


April is a busy bear. She gets into everything as she explores.


April takes a sip from the Cubby Pool.


Although it’s a tight fit, she tried sitting in the Cub Tub.


April relaxes in the pool. She is a true water bear!

Baby Clementine Bear is in the pen in the Cub Nursery.  She has shown herself to be a good climber.  Of course we knew that, remembering that she had climbed a sixty foot tree before her rescue!


Three-month-old Clementine Bear climbs on the side of her pen.

Between the yearling and the cub, our curators are kept busy!