Now that she is in the outdoor Acclimation Pen, April Bear is enjoying the freedom to climb and move in a larger space.  The curators are working to keep her interested in what she can do in the pen so that she doesn’t get stressed about still being confined.  One of their tricks is the frequent modification of the honey log that was introduced a few days ago.  Now, in addition to honey, the log may contain peanut butter, pears and even whole peanuts.

She demonstrates good wild bear behavior every time a curator approaches – she scampers up to the highest platform in the pen.


Curator Tom is sliding the newly filled honey log into the pen. April is up high!


Human is gone – April checks if the coast is clear.


April descends to where the honey log is waiting.


Honey log as seen from another camera.


April makes short work of the contents of her log.


There’s nothing left but peanut shells.

April Bear has a very good appetite!  In fact, the curators say she is a bottomless pit when it comes to eating.  Curator Coy has guesstimated her weight at close to 100 pounds now – a very good weight for a yearling bear.  When she is released she will be in good shape.