April Bear, the injured yearling, showed the curators that she was ready to move out of the Red Roof Recovery Center.  After conferring with the UT vets, the curators obliged her.  She had only been resting at ABR for three weeks, but seems to have made a sufficient recovery that she could move into the larger Acclimation Pen that includes a large jungle gym where she can climb!  She will still be in an area where the curators can keep an eye on her and can intervene if necessary.


Here is April Bear as she checked out the new, larger pen.


This is her new view of the world. The red arrow points to her in the new pen.


Now she can stand up! She couldn’t do that in the recovery pen with low ceiling.


Up she goes – April can climb! In fact, she is a very good climber.


She can rest up high near the top of the jungle gym.

It’s so good to see this little bear doing her “bear things.”  She appears to be doing well, with no evidence of pain.  Bears are remarkable in their ability to heal.  We are glad that we have been able to give her the time to recover from the accident that left her with broken ribs.  She is a healthy yearling!