As you know, the curators usually provide a stuffed toy companion to tiny cubs,, but since April Bear is a yearling, they did not give one to her.  That was probably a smart decision, given the fact that she destroyed two or three beds, trying to make them suit her.  But April is a young bear, and Curator Tom decided to bring her a different plaything.  He brought a ten inch “Horseman’s Pride” ball, touted as being suitable for average sized horses.  In other words, it is sturdy and won’t pop easily.  Today we see how she reacted to her new toy.


April Bear eating breakfast. There is the ball, on her bed.


April checks out the ball. She brought a pear to her bed – maybe for the ball?


April pokes at the ball.


April gets on top of the ball. Good thing it’s sturdy!


April lies down next to the ball.

The ball seems to be a hit with our little bear.  She didn’t need a stuffed toy, but a sturdy ball is just the thing to keep her from getting bored while in recovery.