Our injured yearling, #267 (April Bear) has adjusted well to her situation at ABR.  The curators report that she has finished her meds and they are leaving the door to her outside Acclimation Pen open all the time, so she can come and go as she wishes, day or night.

These photos show her activities in the evening, at dinner time.  She spends most of her time outside, but comes in to sleep on her bed that she keeps rearranging.  At least she’s not tearing it up any longer.


This photo demonstrates how the lowered ceiling works. April can’t climb, so she’s able to heal.


April came in briefly to eat her dinner. Note the door to outside is still open as it gets darker.


After a few minutes, April returned to the outside pen.

The curators are glad that April Bear is recovering well.  They have noticed that even her alopecia (hair loss) has started to clear up and her facial fur is coming back.