The injured yearling bear, nicknamed April, has been at ABR for almost a week now, and is making progress toward recovery.  She has demonstrated a preference for being outside in her Acclimation Pen that is attached to the recovery center.  She has managed to tear up about 3 beds, but this could be just the natural bed preparation that bears do in the wild, as they paw leaves and sticks to make a bed.

One of the curators got a photo of April Bear while she was outside in the outdoor pen.  She is looking out with a somewhat wistful expression.  Her alopecia seems to be responding to the treatment given to her by the vets at UT.


April Bear looks through an opening in the outdoor pen.

She enjoys her honey logs!


April has a honey log inside and another one outside. Yum!

At the end of a busy day, April Bear sleeps on her new bed.


April Bear on her bed, seen through the lens of the camera above.

We are glad that the little yearling is responding to treatment.  She has a good appetite and is eliminating waste properly.  These are good signs and make the curators happy.