Our first bear of 2018, nicknamed April, was hit by a car on the spur road through the park and suffered broken ribs.  The vets at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine sent her to ABR to rest and recover from her injuries.

Thanks to the newly installed cameras (thanks to a grant from Lush Cosmetics) there is a camera in the Red Roof Recovery Center, where April is currently housed.  The pens here have adjustable ceilings, so an injured bear can be prevented from climbing.  The only problem with the camera is that it shoots down from above, so the top of the pen is in the way.  But here are photos taken by the camera that show April Bear on her bed and heading out the door into the attached Acclimation Pen.


April Bear napping, with her face toward the open door.


April gets up and wanders outside. The Acclimation Pen has a lowered ceiling, too.


April rolled her honey log onto her bed.

We guess she likes to eat in bed.  Not a bad idea for a little bear recovering from an injury!