A few days ago we posted that ABR received the first bear for 2018, and that we’d post a photo as soon as we could.  Here is the female yearling, ABR bear #267, nicknamed April Bear.  She was hit by a car on the park road that runs between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, called the Spur.

Taken to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine, April was found to have broken ribs and a chipped humerus.  The vets gave her antibiotics and pain medications and sent her to ABR for recovery.  She also has a condition known as alopecia or spot baldness.  The alopecia can be seen in this photo, taken by Curator Coy.


April Bear in her recovery pen.

According to the vets, the alopecia should clear up with good nutrition and rest.  It is likely that the little yearling was having trouble finding good food.  She may have been eating unhealthy foods.  Otherwise her health is good.  She weighed 68 pounds and has a good coat of fur.

Welcome to ABR, April Bear!  We hope you make a speedy recovery.