Now that the three cubs have returned to their wild habitat, the curators are finding clues to their behavior and their activities while they were in the Wild Enclosure.  These photos aren’t as interesting as the ones with the cubs, but they give us an idea of what they were doing when they could not be seen.


This stump was attacked by one or more of the cubs.



They did a good job of demolition.

Why would they do this?  Were they finding tasty insects in the stump or were they simply having fun?  We don’t know, but in the wild bears shred logs and stumps, so it is a natural behavior.

day bed and path

Here is one of the day beds they used, and a path created to exit the bed.


There were other paths in different parts of the enclosure.

Since we don’t have cubs in residence, there won’t be as much to report over the winter.  But we’ll try to keep posts coming every few days, even if we have to go back and find photos and stories from earlier in the year or even from years past.  So keep checking!