We apologize for our lack of posts recently.  Computer issues prevented us from posting.  Now we are back in business and as the title tells you, the news is good!

With three cubs released on the same day (December 4th) but to different locations, we will do the release story in three parts – one for each little bear.  The first one to be worked up and to leave the ABR facility was #266, Apollo Bear.  Apollo had the greatest distance to travel to return to the approximate area from which he came.  Hit by a car in August  in the Big South Fork region, he was returned to that area.


staging area

Release staging area all set up and ready.  Here is where the cubs are worked up for release.

Apollo to scale

Apollo Bear is lifted onto scale for weighing.

When Apollo Arrived in August he weighed 22 pounds as a 7-month-olld cub.  On his release day, as a 10-month-old cub, he weighed 103 pounds!


Apollo Bear is measured from snout to tail.


His eyes are covered to prevent drying. A sedated bear can’t blink.


Apollo’s mouth and teeth are healthy.

Apollo is the only one of the three cubs who will be tracked this year.  The wildlife officers and curators want to track him to be sure that there is no problem with the repaired fractures sustained as a result of the accident that brought him to ABR.


Apollo is fitted with a GPS collar to track him after release.


Apollo is carried to the truck that will take him back home.


Apollo is placed in the carrier to rest. He will wake up before the ride.

Apollo - foot

Apollo’s foot. Unfortunately it was not possible to get photos of his release.

Thus ends the ABR story of Cub #266, Apollo Bear.  He is back  in the wild where he belongs and we wish him a long, healthy and happy life in the wild!  Good bye and good luck, Apollo – we will always remember you fondly.

Our next post will be the release story of #259 – Otto Bear.