Curator David was away from the facility for three weeks.  When he came back he was amazed to see how big the cubs have become.  It’s true – they literally are getting bigger every week (or every day).  And their increasing lethargy and frequent resting means that they are not burning the calories they take in.  Those calories are going to fat!  That would be very bad for a human but is good for a bear.


Rollo and Otto Bear resting in their daybed.


Rollo Bear is drowsy. He isn’t burning many calories these days.


Apollo Bear in his daybed. His green ear tag confirmed his identity.

To prepare for their capture and release, the curators opened the door to the Acclimation Pen a few weeks ago.  Food has been placed in the pen, and with the door left open the cubs have been going in and out to have a snack.  This photo was taken soon after the Acclimation Pen was opened to them.  They have become comfortable with it as another source of food.

Three cubs

The three cubs outside the Acclimation Pen. Otto seems to be ready to go in for a snack.

The release date has not been announced, but it will happen very soon!  Stay tuned.