The three ABR cubs are so plump now that they cast round, chubby shadows.  Here we have some photos of the cubs and their shadows on a sunny November afternoon.


Bear cubs with their shadows.

The cubs are eating everything that is offered and they respond to the sound of food being thrown into their enclosure.  For example, here is Otto resting and sucking his paw.


Otto Bear rests and sucks on his paw.

But he quickly reacts to the sound of food falling into the enclosure.


Otto perks up when he hears food being delivered.


The cubs gather to eat.

Rollo - Otto - Apollo

No more finicky eating – they gobble everything.


Rollo is foraging for something yummy.

Sometimes it’s hard to determine which end of a cub is which.


Otto is so round that we need to point out the two ends of the cub.

As we  have remarked before, it will be very interesting to find out what they weigh at the time of their release.