Bears do not like wind.  It disrupts their two most important senses – smell and hearing.  When the wind blows the cubs, like their cousins in the wild, become nervous.  Every gust of wind causes them to be anxious about potential dangers.  Today’s photos show how they reveal their uncertainty and fear.  Trees are a cub’s best friend in any weather.


Apollo clung to the trunk of a tree. 


Rollo and Otto stayed close to the tree, but on the ground.


Otto Bear tried to decide if he should venture out to get a snack.

Otto - Rollo

Otto and Rollo hugged the tree for safety.

Rollo - Otto

It was obvious that the little bears were afraid of the wind and its noise.

The cubs did dash out to pick up a pear or apple, but immediately returned to the safety of their tree.  Soon, Apollo climbed down to join them.