ABR received a bountiful supply (165 pounds) of sawtooth acorns from the TN Division of Forestry’s State Nursery.  The curators were delighted, and so were the cubs, who started right in eating and turning the acorns into body fat.  It’s incredible to see how much weight the bears have gained in the past month or so – ever since hyperphagia began.  For proof look at these photos.

23318980_1774205489258702_6428914772458469214_n_11-10_food into fat

The cubs are getting fatter and fatter – good for bears, though not for humans!

three cubs

Curator Coy calls them “eating machines.”

three cubs

As we’ve mentioned before, bears carry much of their weight in their bottoms.

Rollo - Apollo

Two round bottoms – Rollo and Apollo.

Otto - Rollo - Apollo

Apollo Bear is hidden by Otto’s back end.


Here are the acorns in trays in the Dry Storage building.

We can’t help but wonder how long it will take them to eat all of those acorns!  We hope they will last until their release.