There is a variety of foliage – trees, shrubs and other foliage – in the ABR Wild Enclosure where the three cubs are residing.  Today’s photos capture the contrast between the jet black fur of the cubs and the beautiful colors of fall.

wild enclosure

Here is the Wild Enclosure, taken from the Lookout Tower where curators observe the cubs.

wild enclosure

This is the other side of the enclosure. Fall colors are lovely.

Otto - Rollo

The cubs forage among the trees.


The Wild Enclosure is as natural a habitat as we can provide.


The cubs can hide in plain sight (at least 2 of them are pretty well hidden).

Three cubs

Nothing distracts them from their task of eating to gain weight.

Cub food

Cub food that will be thrown into the Wild Enclosure for cubs to find.

The food includes pears, grapes, apples, bear pellets and peanuts.  What an assortment!


Otto Bear shows the effects of eating that good, healthy food.

Three cubs

It’s been said that the cubs have large “cabooses.” We agree.

Bears do carry a lot of their weight in their hind quarters.  So when we say the cubs have large cabooses, we are not being critical at all.  In fact, we are very glad to see them with such a good amount of the body fat that they will need during the winter.  Keep eating,cubs!