The three ABR cubs can be described as “furry vacuum cleaners” – they move across the ground, vacuuming up the bear diet pellets, acorns, peanuts and fruit treats that the curators scatter in the enclosure.  Another new nickname has been suggested, also – the “Cheery-O’s” due to the fact that all three of them have a couple of letter O’s in their names, and they are cheery as they eat and eat, gaining weight as they go.  Here they are, eating away.


Noses down and nubbins up – the cubs vacuum up their food.


Apollo works to get at a tasty morsel.

Rollo -

Rollo and Apollo “vacuuming” their food.

Apollo - Otto

Apollo and Otto finding good things to munch.

three cubs

The “Cheery-O’s” at work, putting on weight.

The main job of the bear cubs is to gain weight and be ready for release and hibernation.  It certainly seems that they are taking their job seriously.