We might be a wee bit prejudiced, but we think the three ABR cubs are about the best looking cubs anywhere.  Look at these photos that Curator Coy took and see if you don’t agree.  Coy reports that they are no longer picky about the acorns.  Not long ago they were eating only the favorite white oak acorns and rejecting the chestnut oak variety.  It is said that the white oak acorns are the sweetest.  Now, however, they are gobbling every acorn in sight, no matter the variety.  It seems that hyperphagia is still governing their eating behavior.


Otto Bear is a handsome boy.


Apollo, also, is a very handsome and healthy cub.


Rollo has grown – he’s not the smallest any more.

We aren’t sure why Rollo Bear made himself visible more than the other two, but here are two more images of Rollo.


Rollo was looking for acorns – any kind will do!


Nose to the ground – Rollo munches.

They are all very good-looking little bears, and we are glad that they continue to eat and put on the weight they need to get through the winter.