Curator Janet spotted the three cubs all together, high in a tree.  It was raining, which didn’t bother them a bit.  First she took a photo that shows them with the background of trees and mountains.  Then she used the zoom lens to show them more clearly.


Yes, there really are three cubs up high in that tree! The rain was coming down.


The zoom lens shows that all three of them are up there together.

We’ve noticed that bear cubs will almost always take positions in trees when it rains.  Even if there was thunder and lightning (there wasn’t at this time) they will stay in the tree.

Later, Janet got photos of the cubs individually.


Sleepy Rollo on another branch. See how he has his back foot tucked under him. It doesn’t look comfortable to us.


Otto considers whether to climb or not to climb.


Apollo Bear looks out from behind a couple of trees.

Every time we see new photos the cubs look larger.  They have put on a lot of weight as they prepare for winter.  The weather has cooled greatly – there were even some snow flurries!