The ABR cubs, along with all of the cubs that were born in January of this year, are nine months old.  ABR has arbitrarily designated January 22nd as the “official birth-date” of the cubs that come to us for care.  This is a milestone in their lives, because many cubs don’t survive for their first year.  Our cubs are very healthy and their weights are good.  They are almost ready for their release back into the wild.

Curator Janet was on duty on the 22nd of October and observed the three cubs behaving very much like any other day.  Otto chased Rollo and Apollo around the enclosure;  then they  wrestled with each other at the base of the favorite tree.  After a while it was nap time.  Rollo chose “Summitt’s branch” while Apollo climbed higher in the tree to snooze.  Otto made a daybed on the ground at the base of the tree.


Otto Bear at the base of the tree, where he decided to bed down.

Apollo - Rollo

Apollo and Rollo Bear chose spots up high in the tree.


True comfort! Rollo Bear, his chin on the branch, snoozes in the sun.


Apollo Bear is wedged into a crotch of the tree. It’s hard to tell his head from his tail end.

Just to remind everyone how the cubs looked when they arrived, here are photos that show how small they were and how much they have grown.


Curator Coy with Otto on April 11th. How tiny he was!


Rollo on his way to ABR on May 16th. He was very small then.


Apollo resting after surgery on August 20th. He was older and larger when he arrived.

Now compare these pictures with the official nine-month-birthday portrait of the three cubs.  What a difference a few months has made!

Three cubs -

The three cubs at nine months of age.

Happy Birthday, cubs!  You are very healthy and looking great, with thick fur, bright eyes and alert expressions.