As you know, the ABR curators provide great quantities of nutritious food for the cubs.  At this time of year, nuts of various kinds are particularly important.  Sometimes the cubs find and harvest their own nuts – the acorns in oak trees within their enclosure.  So it was when Curator Tom observed the three little bears up very high (his estimate was about 60 feet up) in a red oak tree.  He reported that they were “trimming” the tree by nibbling at all the small twigs to reach and devour all of the acorns.  Here are the photos he took of the tree-trimming cubs.


Rollo Bear is wedged into the crotch of the tree where he can reach acorns.


Rollo and Apollo are harvesting acorns.


One of the cubs has found a good spot to reach acorns.


Apollo has a perch high up in the tree.


Can you spot the cubs? You can easily spot the branches that they have stripped.

Humans, even the curators, sometimes get nervous watching how high the little bears climb.  It is perfectly natural for them to climb to the tops of very tall trees, so we have to just smile and hope they stay safe.  Their lack of fear and the ease with which they go to the highest branches is truly amazing.