The weather has changed, so the cubs at ABR are cool.  We always knew they were “cool” but now they are literally cooler in the chilly weather.  If you have a black fur coat that is getting thicker in response to the season, chilly is good!

As we have mentioned before, they are also slowing down somewhat.  Though they still have spurts of playtime activity, they also spend more time resting than they did a few weeks ago.  That is the typical pattern of black bear behavior – as winter and hibernation time approaches, the bears’ metabolism slows and their activity slows with it.  Today’s photos show the cubs in their favorite tree as drowsiness sets in.

Three cubs

All three cubs on “Summitt’s branch” of the favorite tree.


Two cubs are in snoozing mode; the third is soon to follow their lead.

Three c

The cubs are really enjoying the cooler weather.

Two sleepy cubs

Two snoozing cubs.

Sleep on, little bears.  The cooler weather makes us sleepy, too.