Curator Janet, whom you may know is an elementary school principal as her “regular job,” observed the cubs playing what looked like a game of Follow the Leader the other day.  Since she is accustomed to watching children’s games, she immediately thought of this old favorite childhood activity.  We must admit that these photos do show the cubs playing Follow the Leader.  See what you think.


Rollo started the game by jumping up on the tree trunk.

Apollo - Rollo

Apollo joined him and the two cubs circled the tree.


Apollo sees Otto coming.


Up goes Apollo.


Rollo sees Otto coming.

Rollo - Apollo

Rollo and Apollo on “Summitt’s branch” of the tree.

Rollo - Otto

Rollo and Otto play Follow the Leader.


Otto starts up the tree.


Apollo and Rollo see Otto climbing the tree.

Cub huffing

One of the cubs huffs at Otto.

22449879_1747366675275917_6051426019904990538_n_10-14_ rollo-ready-to-nap

Tired of playing, Rollo decides to nap.


Apollo climbs higher and settles down for a nap, too. The game was over.

No photos to show what Otto did – but our guess is that he found a comfy branch and went to sleep as well.