The energy level in the three cubs is diminishing and the cubs are slowing down.  This is normal and is in preparation for winter hibernation.  Even though that is still weeks away, bears begin to get ready as their metabolism slows and they do more and more resting and napping.  Otto, Rollo and Apollo will still be with us for a few more weeks, but the curators are observing changes in the behavior of the cubs.

They spend more time sleeping, either in trees or on the ground, and their eating continues but at a much less intense pace.

Otto - Rollo - Apollo

The three cubs were on the ground by a tree. They weren’t ambitious.

Otto - Rollo - Apollo

Movement was minimal.


Rollo found an acorn to munch. No one challenged him.


Their fur is getting thicker in anticipation of colder weather ahead.

Rollo - Apollo

Life is lived at a much slower pace these days.

Bears prepare for several weeks for their “big sleep.”  By the time a bear enters a den it is very lethargic and ready for those zzzzzz’s.