Curator Coy reports that the three cubs are doing well.  He observed them foraging for the food he had thrown over: apples, pears, bear diet pellets and acorns.  They were being picky, spitting out some of the acorns that weren’t their favorite kind!  The ABR cubs can afford to be picky, since there is always a bounty of food for them.  Coy says that in the wild they will not be so choosy.  And to think that they have no idea how very fortunate they are at this time in their lives.

Coy got two photos of the cubs in the underbrush, where they were foraging.

Rollo - Otto

Rollo Bear and Otto Bear are a little hard to see in the dark underbrush.

Rollo - Otto - Apollo

All three of the cubs are in this photo, but Apollo is very well hidden.

It’s no wonder they were staying in the shade.  It was an unseasonably warm and humid day.