Not that it’s a surprise, since all bears are in the midst of the annual feeding frenzy to pack on the pounds before hibernation, but our three little orphaned cubs are definitely eating with an urgent need to gain weight.  During this phase, bears do not feel “full,” no matter how much they have eaten.  It’s remarkable that cubs who have not been taught by their mothers or observed adult bears still go through hyperphagia.

The ABR curators toss large quantities of food into the enclosure each day with a goal of giving each cub plenty to eat, and to even have food left over.  In other words, they do not want any competition to develop between cubs.  There is plenty to go around.


Otto and Rollo foraging for their lunch.


Otto has a big acorn. He uses his paw as a plate.


Startled by a sound, the two cubs jump to the base of the tree and start to climb.


It was a false alarm. They relax. It’s good that they are alert, however.


The sound was Apollo Bear, arriving on the scene.


Apollo finds some peanuts.

Otto - Apollo

Otto sees the peanuts and decides he wants some of those.

Rollo - Otto - Apollo

But wait! Rollo has grapes. Otto wants those, too.

Rollo - Otto - Apollo

Finally, all three of the cubs settle down to feast on a variety of treats for lunch.

There is always plenty of food to go around at ABR.  This is probably the time in their lives when they will have more food than they ever will again, and they are taking advantage of it!