With the weather being a little cooler and more comfortable, the cubs have become more active.  They aren’t napping in the trees quite as much, but are playing and play-fighting with each other.


Apollo Bear looks like he’s up to something.

Apollo - Rollo

Apollo eyes Rollo – what is he planning?

Three cubs

Otto enters the picture. Rollo and Apollo are starting something.

Otto - Apollo-Rollo

 Apollo and Rollo spar with each other.

Apollo - Otto - Rollo

Otto scratches an itch. Rollo has picked up a leaf from the ground.


Rollo looks for something to play with.


A sapling is a good toy for a bear cub.


What will the cubs get into next?

As we can see, the cubs are enjoying the cooler days and nights.  Bear cubs are naturally playful and our cubs are showing their playful side these days.