Apollo Bear has been staying in his own tree, apart from Rollo and Otto, although the three cubs foraged on the ground together.  The curator was very surprised to see all three of them in the same tree.  It was “Summitt’s tree” so-called because it was the favorite resting place of the yearling Summitt Bear, who was released earlier.  Here is photo proof of the tree sharing.


It was surprising to see Apollo on “Summitt’s branch.”

Otto - Apollo

Here comes Otto from a perch higher in the tree.

Otto - Apollo

Otto reaches the branch where Apollo sits.

Otto - apollo

Otto walks along the branch toward Apollo.


Apollo seems calm. He doesn’t show aggressive or defensive behaviors.

Otto - Apollo

Otto reaches out to touch Apollo.

Otto - Apollo

Play interaction between the two cubs.


Otto moves over to the tree trunk and sucks his paw.


Rollo Bear snoozes on a branch above, oblivious to Otto and Apollo.

It will be interesting to see if the cubs continue to hang out in the same tree or if they go back to their separate resting places.