If you had on a permanent fur coat (black, at that) we think you probably would not want to be very active on a hat day.  It’s been unseasonably hot recently and the cubs are basically taking it easy.

Apollo Bear was up in his tree and watched as Rollo and Otto started to forage.  They had taken a cooling swim before eating.  Apollo didn’t take a swim, but did join the other cubs for the meal.


Apollo was up in his tree where it was a bit cooler.


He looked down from his perch and watched Otto and Rollo below.


Seeing the other cubs eating, Apollo decided to join them.


Rollo and Otto Bear were wet from their dip in the Cubby Pool.


Wet Rollo soon became muddy Rollo as he foraged.


Otto and Rollo found plenty of tasty morsels.

A few moments later, Apollo descended his tree and the three cubs foraged together.