In our last post we showed what happened when Rollo Bear was napping in a tree and Otto tried to wake him up.  Finally, Otto gave up and napped along with Rollo.  Today, the two in the Wild Enclosure were quite lazy.  Neither one of them expended much energy.


Otto sat in one tree. He had a serious look.


Rollo struck a pose in another tree. He was awake, but not moving much.

Then Otto moved over to Rollo’s tree.  That was his energy expenditure for the day.

Otto- Rollo

Both cubs stayed put and didn’t engage in any more activity.

Apollo was the active cub.  He paced in his Acclimation Pen.  The curators read this as a signal that he wants to get out in the Wild Enclosure.


Apollo Bear paces and looks out of his pen. He seems to be saying, “I want out!”

The curators will confer with the UT vets to determine what is best for our active cub.  Stay tuned – he may be moving out very soon.