We have an amusing story in photos today.  Rollo Bear was sleeping in one tree while Otto Bear was in another tree nearby.  Otto decided to try and awaken his buddy, but Rollo was really sound asleep.  Look what happened.

21728126_1718703351475583_4452754378645834009_n_09-13_rollo-otto-separate -trees

Rollo naps up high in his tree; Otto is on a lower branch in his.


Rollo is asleep in his tree.


Otto pays a visit to Rollo.

Otto - Rollo

Otto gives Rollo’s foot a swat.  Rollo doesn’t react.


Otto tries again.

Rollo - Otto

Otto tries again. No response from Rollo. He is really sound asleep!


Finally, Otto gave up. He sucked his paw and then went to sleep himself.

These two cubs were sleepy, but Apollo Bear was wide awake in his Acclimation Pen.


Apollo Bear – awake and alert.

The curators are looking for Apollo to demonstrate that he can climb up and down in his pen before they can release him into a Wild Enclosure.