This time it was “King of the Mountain” in the Wild Enclosure as Otto and Rollo vied for position on top of one of the culvert dens.  Otto seemed to come out on top in this round, but look what happens next.

rollo - otto

The cubs were in a playful mood.


Otto on the culvert den – “King of the Mountain.”


Otto looks for his sidekick, Rollo.


Rollo was down below. Otto subdues his pal.


Otto is still the “King.” We can see a wee bit of Rollo.

At this point, Curator Janet threw food into the Acclimation Pen.  With the remnants of Hurricane Irma headed our way, the curators decided they would intervene and try to confine the cubs to the pen to keep them safer than they would be in the trees.  Rollo was the first cub to follow his nose to the yummy smells.


Rollo entered the Acclimation Pen and went straight to the food wheel.


Rollo stood up to reach into the food wheel.


Otto left his “throne” to follow Rollo into the pen.

Rollo - Otto

Otto has to wait while Rollo eats.

Rollo - Otto

It’s a bit crowded here at the food wheel.


Someone is hogging the food!

Rollo - Otto

A tangle of hungry cubs.

The fact that the cubs are in hyperphagia made it fairly easy to lure them into the Acclimation Pen.  They will be safer there, and when the storm passes they will return to their Wild Enclosure.

In another Acclimation Pen, Apollo Bear is getting used to his surroundings.  He usually hides from the curators.


Apollo can be seen from a viewing spot above.

Apollo Bear is doing a lot more walking now that he is in this larger pen.  The curators are glad to see that, since the exercise is good for strengthening his muscles.