Otto and Rollo Bear are frightened by unusual noises.  On this day the noises were wind blowing through the trees and then helicopters flying overhead.  Bears (and many other animals) don’t like wind because it makes it difficult for them to use their excellent sense of hearing to identify sounds in their environment.  This is especially scary for little bears like our two cubs.  As for helicopters – they are a totally foreign sound and to a cub may sound like real danger.

Otto - Rollo

Otto and Rollo hang onto their tree as they look for the source of the sound.


Otto - Rollo

The two cubs seemed to be worried.


Brave Rollo leaves the tree for a moment to find something to eat.


Otto sits down very close to the tree for safety.


Otto uses his paw for a plate, but stays right by the tree.


Closeup view of the paw-for-a-plate trick.

Then the helicopters – several of them – flew over.


What is making that awful noise? The cubs quickly climbed their tree for safety.

Checking on Apollo Bear, we see him eating.  Good bear – he needs to put on weight!


Apollo has a good appetite!


Apollo Bear digs into his food. He is taking this eating business seriously.


After a hearty meal, a nap is next. Apollo settles down.

If you remember how Apollo looked at first, after his arm had been shaved for his surgery, you can appreciate how much better he looks now.  After just 2 1/2 weeks, the fur has grown back amazingly well.