It happens every year about this time.  ABR cubs begin to attack the saplings in their enclosure.  Perhaps they enjoy the fact that saplings spring back when bent to the ground – until they break, that is.  Otto and Rollo have entered the “sapling destruction” season.


The evidence of sapling destruction and the chief suspect.


Of course, it’s quite possible that this guy is responsible for the destruction.


Otto and Rollo work their way into the underbrush. This sapling is not safe!

Apollo Bear, who is convalescing in the Red Roof Recovery Center, is not able to attack saplings yet, but he is doing well in his restricted space.  He has begun to pay attention to the stuffed companions that are in his pen.


Apollo and Charley Bear, the stuffed friend.


Apollo is about to go to sleep. Have a good nap, Apollo – it will help you heal.