We have some new photos of Bear #266 – Apollo Bear resting in the Red Roof Recovery Center at ABR.  As expected, he is spending a lot of time sleeping, thanks to the pain meds and antibiotics he is taking.  But he is also moving a little, drinking plenty of water and eating the food that is provided by the curators.  The other piece of good news is that he is eliminating properly.  That is always an important sign that things are going well.


Apollo sleeping in the recovery pen.


Apollo’s right arm is fur-less due to the surgery.

food bowl

Apollo’s food bowl. Applesauce, grapes, and peanut butter pill pockets.

pill pockets

Curator Janet made these for Apollo’s medications.

Apollo sleeps

Sleep tight, Apollo, and get better soon!

The other two cubs, Otto and Rollo, are hanging out and snoozing in their tree.

Rollo - Otto

Rollo and Otto relaxing in the sunshine.


Rollo Bear went to sleep.


Otto stretched up on his branch, showing off his nicely rounded tummy.

It’s easy to see that the cubs in the Wild Enclosure are putting on the necessary weight they must gain before they can be released.  Apollo Bear already has a good start, and after he recovers he will be able to increase his weight, as well.  He just needs to regain his mobility first.