The weather has been extremely hot and humid – not pleasant for people or bears.  Happily, we are now in a bit of a cool-down period, and the bears have responded well.  The cubs played a “Don’t touch me” “You touched me!” game, just like a couple of kids.  It was amusing to watch and the sequence was captured by one of the curators.


Two innocent little bear cubs. But mischief lurks.

Rollo - Otto

Otto touches Rollo.

Rollo - Otto

Rollo turns around. Otto is all innocence. “It wasn’t me!”

Rollo - Otto

Of course, Otto touches Rollo again.

Rollo - Otto

Innocent Otto again, but Rollo knows.

According to the curator, this game went on for quite some time.  Eventually the cubs tired of it, and climbed their tree to take a nap.  No hard feelings.


Otto and Rollo settled down in their tree to take a nap.

The older yearling bears simply enjoyed the cooler weather as they rested in the tree in their enclosure, not expending much energy.

Dani - Summitt

Dani and Summitt Bear on the same branch of their tree.


Dani sits up while Summitt reclines, sleeping.


Zooming in on Dani – she is looking sleek, shiny and leggy – a typical yearling.

We think that Summitt Bear is resting up for his release into the wild.  After he is released he won’t be able to spend as much time snoozing, so he might as well get plenty of zzz’s now.