We have posted before about our ABR photographer of record, Ken LaValley, and have shown you the outstanding images he takes.  Today we have more, and to clarify the reason his photos are so amazing, here is a comparison of the equipment used by the curators and Ken’s camera and lenses.


Quite a difference in camera equipment. Bur the curators do well with their small camera.

When Ken came this time, Dani Bear was not visible, but the elusive Summitt was on his favorite branch of the tree, in full view.


Summitt Bear always looks relaxed on his branch.


He gets into some unusual positions in the tree.


Summitt is not constrained by modesty.

While Ken was there, Otto and Rollo appeared, so he was able to capture another photo of each of them.


Otto peeked out from behind a tree.


Rollo was up in the tree.

We greatly appreciate Ken’s talents at photography and the incredible images he captures.  However, we give our curators credit for their excellent daily pictorial records of the bears.