As we have mentioned recently, it’s been unusually hot in our area.  The bears keep to the shady places – either in the trees or in the underbrush.  This makes it a challenge for our curators to photograph them.  We do have a few shady photos of the yearlings and cubs – they are just harder to see when they stay put in the shade.


Summitt, the laid-back bear, stays cool on the limb of the tree.


Dani had just emerged from her swim in the pool.


Dani Bear retreated to the underbrush.


Dani Bear sniffing the food buckets that Curator David had set down.

Of course the food buckets were outside the fence, but with her keen sense of smell Dani knew that the food was nearby.  Bears can smell food a mile or more away.  The food buckets weren’t anywhere near a mile away.

Rollo - Otto

Rollo and Otto Bear were in their tree, but climbed down to forage.

The weather is supposed to get a little better in the next few days.  Hopefully that will make it possible for curators to get better photos.