The days have been exceptionally hat lately – in the 90s with lots of sunshine.  If you are wearing a permanent black fur coat you don’t want to be out in the sun!  Our bears don’t want to be out in the heat of the day, either, and this post shows how they spend their time.


Summitt Bear is the most laid-back of our bears.


How much more relaxed can a bear be?

The cubs. Otto and Rollo, aren’t anxious to be out in the sunshine, either.  They stay as cool as possible by keeping to the trees.


They love to climb up high in the trees. Curators sometimes get nervous.


Otto Bear is comfy in the crotch of this tree.


Rollo does a balancing act on the small branch.


Rollo settles safely on another branch.


Rollo and Otto settle down for a nap.

The bears are not foraging in the open areas of their Wild Enclosure.  They wait until dusk to come down and forage.  Do you blame them?