Our official photographer, Ken LaValley, takes photos of our bears periodically, to mark special occasions like milestone birthdays.  In our last post we spoke of the milestone birthday for Otto and Rollo (6 months old) and Dani and Summitt (18 months old).  Here are the photos by Ken.


Rollo Bear is a very cute cub.


Otto Bear was about to pounce on Rollo.

It has been very hot, so the cubs spend a lot of time in the trees.

Otto - Rollo

Otto and Rollo Bear in a tree.

The yearlings were not as easy to spot.


Dani Bear –  her eighteen month birthday portrait.

Ken did not get a photo of Summitt Bear – he was hiding.  But Curator Janet did locate Summitt and took a photo of him relaxing in a tree.


Janet spotted Summitt in a tree.


Summitt relaxing in his tree, taken with a zoom lens.

All of the bears are doing very well, we are glad to report.