The curators had not seen the cubs in their pool, although they could tell by the trampled grass that the pool had been used.  Curator Janet scored the first sighting, and was able to document the fact in photos.  Here they are.

To start with, she noticed the cubs leaving the clearing as if they were on a mission.

otto - rollo

The two cubs going into the underbrush.

They went in there

They disappeared. Where did they go?

Otto - Rollo

There they are – getting a drink from The Cub Tub.

Otto - tub

Otto got into the tub to drink.

Otto in

Otto fills the tub. Rollo decides to leave.

Otto - Rollo

Both cubs move over to The Cubby Pool.

Rollo - swim

Rollo goes in first. Good swimming form!

Both cubs had a swim and then scrambled out.

Otto - Rollo

Out they go!

Rollo - Otto

Two little wet cubs in the underbrush.

Over in Wild Enclosure #4, Dani Bear was the only yearling to appear.


What Curator Janet saw of Dani with the naked eye.


What the camera’s zoom lens revealed.

When Janet went by Hawkins’ Acclimation Pen, he gave the usual non-greeting, huffing, blowing and stomping.


Hawkins’ body language says “Leave me alone!”

We were especially glad to see the cubs using their “swimming hole.”  Bears are very good swimmers and use water to cool off and to rid themselves of insects.  We are sure that the cubs are continuing to use their pool in this hot weather.