Curator David was lucky.  He was able to get photos of all five of the bears. The only problem was that Summitt and Dani, though both were visible, were not recognizable.  We start with the yearlings.

Dani or Summitt

Dani or Summitt Bear sitting in a tree.


Here is the other yearling – Dani or Summitt in another tree.

Hawkins Bear, with the abscess indicated.  The curators think it’s looking better, although it looks pretty sore to us.


Hawkins Bear with very uncomfortable looking abscess.

Hawkins seems to be doing well in spite of it.  He eats plenty of the soft fruits with his antibiotics added, and moves around as before.


In this shot, Hawkins is tending to his paw.

Now we turn our attention to the cubs.  When Curator David spotted them, they were sharing a tree.  Aware that food had been delivered, they started to climb down.


Rollo was lower on the tree, so he started down first.


Rollo was in control of the situation. Otto couldn’t pass him.


Otto may have been getting impatient. He is coming into Rollo’s space.  He’s “in Rollo’s face.”


Otto finally reached the ground. He’s ready to eat!

Otto - Rollo

The two cubs foraged together.

Otto - Rollo

Clouds were forming, but the cubs kept eating.

Otto - Rollo

As rain started to fall, the cubs retreated. Soon they climbed up the tree again.

Bears, whether large or small, do not mind rain.  Their fur sheds water very readily.  However, as we have seen many times before, the cubs are vulnerable when out in the open, so it was natural for them to retreat into the underbrush.