The curators have mounted a trail cam in the Acclimation Pen that is Hawkins’ temporary home.  The images allow them to monitor his health without going closer and causing him undue stress.  Hawkins never fails to show them he has no use for humans, even though they are providing his food!  Here is a great selfie that he took.


“In your face,” here is the selfie of Hawkins Bear.

The cubs were a bit skittish, hugging the treeline in their Wild Enclosure.


It was hard to see them. That black shape could be a cub – or something else.

Rollo - Otto

Rollo ventures out to forage. Otto follows.

Rollo - Otto

The two cubs forage side by side in the clearing.


Something – a noise or a whiff – alarmed Rollo, Both cubs beat a hasty retreat.

Bear cubs, being small, are vulnerable when they are on the ground like this.  It doesn’t take much to send them scurrying into the underbrush or up a tree.  That strategy will keep them safe when they return to the wild.