This post features Rollo prominently, because he was more visible than Otto during the curator’s short photo session.  Someone had said he was “just a little peanut,” and these photos prove that he is small, but not THAT small.


Rollo came out from behind a tree to forage.

Small cubs, like Rollo and Otto, never get too far from the safety of trees and underbrush.  Climbing and hiding are their best means of defense.  When they come to forage, the cubs stay close to cover so they can retreat quickly.


Here is the annotated photo that proves Rollo is bigger than a peanut.


Rollo in profile. Handsome little bear cub!

Rollo - Otto

Otto’s “Meerkat” pose is typical of a bear trying to get a better sense of what caught his attention.

The cubs are foraging well and eating to grow big and strong.  They are getting larger.

Dani Bear made a brief appearance in the underbrush.  Yearlings, like cubs, stay hidden a great deal of the time.  Summitt Bear was completely hidden this time.


Dani Bear was spotted when the grass moved as she walked through.

Finally, we see Hawkins Bear working on growing and recovering.


Hawkins has a very healthy appetite. He’s a growing bear!

The bears – cubs and yearlings – are doing well.  It won’t be long before the yearlings will be ready for release back into the wild.