Otto and Rollo Bear, our five-month-old cubs, seem to be happy in their Wild Enclosure.  They have adjusted well to a habitat that is very much like what their home will be when they are released.  They are behaving just like bears, proving that much of the bear behavior we observe in wild bears is instinctive.

Otto - Rollo

Otto and Rollo, like all bear cubs, spend a lot of time in trees. Here they are climbing down.


Otto reaches the ground first and is off to forage.


Rollo joins him and they forage together.

Rollo - Otto

Something – a sound or whiff – startles Otto. Cubs startle easily.

Since they are small and are vulnerable on the ground, bear cubs remain constantly on guard.  In the wild with their mother, the sow would be watching over them, but our little cubs must watch out for themselves.

Rollo - Otto

Otto decides it was a false alarm and he goes back to foraging.

It’s good to see these two cubs together, just being bears.  They are improving their skills and preparing for their release when they are big enough.