The two cubs have had no trouble adjusting to their new, expanded habitat.  In fact, we are quite sure that they enjoy being out in (almost) “the wild.”  They are up in trees, which is where they belong.


Otto Bear looks comfortable in the tree.


Otto climbs down from his perch in the tree.


He climbs with ease. That’s what bears do.


On the ground, Otto starts to forage for food.


Where’s Rollo? There he is, hiding in the underbrush.


It looks as though Rollo is sounding off, but actually he is chewing on something he found.

The curator captured a photo of one of the yearlings in their tree.  It wasn’t identifiable.


An unidentified yearling. Is it Dani or Summitt?  No telling.

Hawkins Bear stood up on his hind legs.  This was a very good sign that he is recovering from his injuries and getting stronger.


Hawkins stands up. He looks very tall in this position.

Yearling bears always seem to be “all legs,” so Hawkins Bear is just conforming to the trend for a yearling.  We’re glad to see him gaining strength.  The curators tell us that he is moving around much better, and climbing up and down in his pen.