It was a big day for little cubs.  Otto and Rollo Bear moved out of their Acclimation Pen and into Wild Enclosure #3.  Our photographer of record, Ken LaValley, came to record the occasion ans take portraits of the yearlings, as well.  Here is the cubs’ story in pictures.

Otto - Rollo

The door was opened remotely, and the curious cubs peeked out.

Otto - Rollo

Otto Beat was the first to step out into the Wild Enclosure.

Otto - Rollo

A bit cautious, Rollo followed Otto’s lead.

Otto - Rollo

They quickly explored the immediate area.


Both cubs scurried up a tree. Here is Rollo.

That was it for the initial introduction.  The curator believed the cubs spent the night in that tree.  They weren’t seen until morning.

To prepare the Wild Enclosure for the cubs, Curator Janet had scattered food liberally throughout the enclosure.


Grapes was one of the foods that were scattered in the Wild Enclosure.


Pears have been popular with the cubs, so a few of those were scattered, also.


Peanuts and Bear Diet Pellets rounded out the menu of scattered food.

After their night in the tree, the cubs came down.

cubs forage

Just as the curators hoped, the cubs started to forage for the food.

Cubs forage

They didn’t seem to miss their bowls at all.

Ken LaValley was able to get photos of the three yearlings, too.  We’ll put them in our next post.