It was raining, so the two yearlings in the Wild Enclosure got very wet.  They hung out in a tree, as bears seem to like to do when it rains.


Summitt is on the upper branch, with Dani further down.


A closeup of Dani getting a nice shower.

In their Acclimation Pen, the two cubs stayed dry and had a nice meal.  Pears were the highlight of this cubby feast.  The curators are giving them whole fruits now.  No more cut-up pieces.


Rollo chose a nice, juicy pear. He held it carefully between his paws.


He took a big bite – or two, as he balanced the pear using his claws.


Rollo made short work of the juicy fruit.


Otto chose a pear of his own.

The cubs do not squabble about food.  They have learned that there is enough for both of them.

The third yearling, Hawkins Bear, was on his platform when the curator brought his food.  He huffed, swatted, and stamped to show his distaste for humans.  Good bear, Hawkins!


Hawkins doesn’t like the curators.

It was just another day at ABR and just another day for our bears.