The curators at ABR provide a wide variety of fresh fruits, so the cubs learn to eat many different things that they may or may not encounter in the wild.  At least they learn not to be fussy eaters. Although you may remember that for a couple of days the two cubs refused to eat the bear diet pellets, they soon got over their finicky spell.

On this day Rollo spied a plum in his bowl and it was a major attractant for him, as these photos show.  We’re not sure if he had tried a plum before, but he certainly relished this one.


Rollo was high on the platform, as usual, when lunch was served.


He saw something that really looked good.


Down Rollo went, straight to the bowl. He picked up the plum and ate it.


Otto was busy with his own food, and ignored Rollo.

And what of the other residents?  This time it was Summitt who made a brief appearance, while Dani Bear stayed hidden.


Shy Summitt Bear showed himself briefly, a back view.

Hawkins Bear is still content to be in his Acclimation Pen.  He has not become agitated about the confinement, which makes the curators very happy.  The longer he stays calm in the pen, the better his recovery will be.


Hawkins is looking better and seems to be feeling better, too.

ABR is most appreciative of the support of our bears by generous donors.  As a nonprofit we depend on the donations of our supporters.