We promised to post about a special addition to Hawkins’ pen.  A few days ago, Curators Janet and Tom maneuvered a soaking pool into the Acclimation Pen and installed it on the first platform. Quite a feat!


Hawkins Bear looked hot in his pen. The curators thought he needed a pool.


This is the pool they provided to Hawkins.

They wanted to make it accessible to Hawkins, even if he didn’t want to climb down to the ground level.


They maneuvered it up to the platform, and secured it from outside.

Curator Tom

Once it was anchored in place, Curator Tom filled the pool.

It was quite a project, but Hawkins has used it several times.  We don’t have photos to show him in the pool.  He prefers to soak in private.

At lunchtime, the two cubs were up at the very highest point in their Acclimation Pen.


The cubs were high up in their pen.


Lunch for Rollo, Otto and Hawkins


Otto and Rollo play “musical bowls,” switching from one to the other.


Rollo and Otto eat . They really get into their food!

The yearlings in the Wild Enclosure have to forage for their food.  It is thrown over the fence to scatter in the enclosure.

Dani forages.

Dani forages. She is molting her winter coat and looks a bit shaggy.

All of the bears are growing and putting on weight.