We have a photo of Summitt Bear again today.  After a long absence during which he was mostly unseen, he has shown himself in the same tree two days in a row.  Dani Bear was in the same tree, as this view shows.

Dani - Summitt

The arrows point out the two yearling bears.


Summitt, seen with help from the zoom lens, is in a very relaxed position.


Dani Bear rests on her branch in the tree. She is on a higher branch.

The cubs, Otto and Rollo, are eating lots of food.  The curators have reduced the number of feedings in preparation for releasing them into their Wild Enclosure.


Otto and Rollo Bear – big bowls of food for little bears.

In case you are wondering – the cubs do not eat all that food at one time.  The once-a-day feeding allows them to come back several times during the day to snack.  Here, Otto is selecting his favorite grapes.  We can also see that the curators are no longer cutting the fruits into small pieces.  The cubs are handling half and even whole fruits.  If the fruit has a pit, the cubs spit it out.

Hawkins Bear, in his Acclimation Pen, hid behind the post when the curator approached.


Good bear, Hawkins! Hiding is just what you should do when humans approach.

In our next post we’ll share how the curators added something special to Hawkins’ platform.